Nicholas Hogg has published articles on a range of issues, including reports on conflict resolution programs, UFO sightings in Northern Australia, cycling in a Beijing rush hour, and hitch-hiking through Japan.

A former county cricketer and rugby player, he has written extensively about sport. He has a regular cricket column at Cricinfo, and his MCC Magazine feature on Cricket in Fiction was also syndicated by ESPN.


In issue four of the Nightwatchman, Nicholas investigates the link between graphology and cricketer’s personalities in his 1980’s autograph book.



Writing in the Independent, he explores whether literature can ever replace sporting prowess? 

‘Poetry and fiction gave me the energy and buzz that sport had once provided. In the tingling verse of Ted Hughes and John Burnside, the visceral intensity of a Cormac McCarthy novel, were the goosebump moments of that perfectly weighted pass, the flashing cover drive.’


14 - Highway Bike

Close Encounter – lights in the sky above Northern Australia

‘A motorbike crash in the wilderness would inspire part of my novel, Show Me the Sky, but what happened before the wreck would be too fabulous for conventional fiction.’


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