Scenes From Tokyo

A collaboration between photographer Lee Chapman, and text from Nicholas Hogg’s TOKYO.

Lee Chapman - Audrey Hepburn
She communicated with the dead, conversing with Pope John Paul II and Audrey Hepburn, as well as the rescuing aliens who were going to beam up the Pana-Wave believers from our doomed planet.
Lee Chapman - Geisha
Against the white of her powdered face, her eyes were nearly black. For one jolting second I thought it was her, before she shuffled away, carefully lifting up her precious hem.
Lee Chapman - Fuji
We rose above chequered rice fields, the concrete towns and metallic cities. The crow rode higher on heated thermals, and the landscape faded, vanished into sky.
Lee Chapman - Tokyo Alley
Even on a sunlit afternoon, walking between one of the gleaming new shopping cathedrals, you might catch the whiff of an illicit encounter in a shadowed doorway.
Lee Chapman - Tokyo Crow
Then a lone crow glided from a street light and perched on an advertising hoarding, scraping its talons on the metal frame.
Lee Chapman - Tokyo Red Light
I walked up to Roppongi after midnight, the two beers I drank engendering a false bravado. Still, I needed another hit before walking into a hostess club.
Beyond the jumble of rooftops and apartment blocks, the grey flotsam of suburbs and dormitory towns, the cone of Mount Fuji floated like a white temple on a blue sea.